Start: 01/06/2016

Duration: 48 months

Programme: Creative Europe

Website: www.riskchange.eu

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RiskChangeEU/


RC aims to create, connect, compare, disseminate and promote contemporary EU interdisciplinary art related to social studies and migration. The project covers the field of contemporary interdisciplinary culture, art and creativity connected to science, especially social and applied sciences and ICT. RC will increase transnational mobility, audience development, digitalization and new sustainable model. RC entails interacting with different target audiences, esp. building connectivity between new-coming migrants and settled inhabitants EU communities.

Strategic objectives:

  • Transnational mobility
  • Audience development
  • Digitalization

Specific objectives:

  • To integrate the local communities into ideas of mobility and multicultural exchange;
  • To increase communication and exchange between migrant and non - migrant individuals and communities for better integration;
  • To stimulate co-working/networking models amongst experts and migrants;
  • To influence public views on migration through creative communication;
  • To empower quality of visual art in mass media and public places;
  • To encourage intercultural dialogue and solidarity, cross-culture platforms and mutual collaborative approaches through interdisciplinary culture;
  • To empower the interdisciplinary culture sector, participatory art and encourage trans-disciplinary practices;
  • To empower digital shift for target groups;
  • To transfer innovative UCT models and results, open source patent, free access to innovations, applications for open society (augmented reality, avatars, e-cloud), to multicultural creative users;
  • To implement new multitasking jobs (e-skills) into RC networking;
  • To engage with social, religious and cultural backgrounds of migrants and non-migrants for stimulating exchanged and melting points/networking.

Role of Fopsim:

FOPSIM will lead the WP2 - Qualitative and quantitative Research, migration policy in Malta. FOPSIM will also be actively involved in the following Work Packages:

  • Management (WP1) - Partners meetings, Quality control and Reports, Opens-calls
  • Production (WP3) - Mobile app workshops, Exhibitions, Touring residencies in Zejtun
  • Audience Building (WP4) - Trainings with local communities, New educational models and creative ideas, Surveys, Lectures/Debates, Conference, Symposium,
  • Communication and Dissemination (WP5) - RC Website, Communication and Dissemination actions, Study Visits, Exhibitions at large scale
  • Sustainability and Exploitation of Results (WP6) - Sustainable co-working model, Study visits

Project Meetings:

  • Kick-off Meeting: TBC
  • Interim: TBC
  • Final Meeting: TBC

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