Project: On the Move

Program: Erasmus+

Duration: 18 Months

Start Date: 01/01/2016

Aim of the Project


To contribute to raising awareness of the need for physical activity as the basis of healthy lifestyle by changing habits of identified target groups (preschool children and their families) and to tackle challenges of growing obesity among preschool children.


By including children from an early age into regular sports activities accompanied with indoor and outdoor activities with their parents and workshops at weekends. This project combines physical activity and balanced diet as the most effective way to increase general health, mental development and performance in children and reduce the risk of obesity.


  • On the Move preschool children working programme of the sports activities.
  • Execution of the 9 months programme in Malta
  • Survey and analysis of the results from the sport programme.
  • Family workshop for nutrition and healthy lifestyle.
  • Guidelines for the promotion of physical activity and healthy nutrition as a healthy lifestyle.
  • Final Conference in Slovenia.

FOPSIM is requesting quotations for the provision of services pertaining to external evaluation of the project. The external evaluation will focus on making a review of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of project and its outcomes.

The following table shows activities and outcomes outlined in the cope of project design (F.1) together with foreseen measures for evaluating their quality to be adopted by project management.

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