Name of Project: New forms of European Citizenship in Migration Era

Acronym: NECME


Key action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action: Civil Society Projects

Reference number: 577432-CITIZ-1-2016-1-IT-CITIZ-CIV

Duration: 18 Months

Start Date: 01/11/2016

End Date: 30/04/2018

Total budget: €150,000

Role of FOPSIM: Associated partner


Project NECME aims to stimulate among civil society, in synergy with institutions involved in integration process, a more active role in promoting active citizenship of migrants, starting from the analysis of inclusion difficulties and of the role of human beings trafficking and its links with international organized crime.

Participants from 17 different countries will implement activities aimed to overcome xenophobic, intolerant and discriminating behaviors, by raising awareness on fundamental rights and difficulties faced by migrant citizens. This will be accompanied by a study on human beings trafficking led by criminal organizations.

Through the involvement of different stakeholders (teachers, representatives of associations and European agencies, administrators of public institutions, journalists, law enforcement, ...) and the adoption of different methodologies (meetings, debates, reflections, workshop), participants will be stimulated to act, as single citizens or as organized civil society, to facilitate migrant inclusion in European society.

Project will create synergies between civil society and public bodies, also by promoting the role of volunteering.


  • To foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level.
  • Encourage democratic and civic participation of citizens at Union level, by developing citizens' understanding of the Union policy making-process and promoting opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement and volunteering at Union level.
  • Combatting stigmatization of "immigrants" and building counter narratives to foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding


FOPSIM will be actively involved in the preparatory activity (survey) in its territory. It will participate in project meetings in Latvia, Italy, Austria and Portugal. It will organize the dissemination event in Malta, involving local people, and take part in the coordination meetings and follow-up activity. It will handle the visibility of the project and the dissemination of results at the local level.

  • Improve the knowledge and understanding of the situation in the Member States
  • Support the development of statistical tools, methods and indicators
  • Support and monitor the implementation of EU law and policy objectives
  • Promote networking, mutual learning, identification and dissemination of good practice
  • Enhance the awareness of stakeholders and the general public about the EU policies pursued
  • Boost the capacity of key EU networks to promote and support EU policies.

Impact on new citizens of European Union: The recognition and enhancement of cooperation with public institutions (are more likely not to be withdrawn and instead are helping government and society to be a safer place to live. Knowledge on modern world human trafficking risks and criminology.

Impact on civil society about EU legislations: Are aware of their human rights and knowledge on new possibilities how to address problems. Integration immigrants into European civil liberties.

Impact on public bodies: How to be more useful and helpful for immigrants. Their active engagement to ensure the growth of a democratic and welcoming Europe.

Impact on partner organizations: Better coordination between organizations with different objectives, structures and functioning.


  • Fondazione Giovanni e Francesca (Applicant Organisation) - ITALY
    Contact Person: Project Manager Loredana Introini
    e-mail: tel: +390916812993;
  • Asociatia Gipsy Eye (Associated partner) - ROMANIA:
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): President Ionut Stan
    e-mail: tel: +40745159609;
  • Beyond Barriers (Associated partner) -ALBANIA:
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): Project manager Irena Topalli
    e-mail: tel: +355 69 20 91 795;
  • Foundation For the Promotion of Social Inclusion in Malta (FOPSIM) (Associated partner) - MALTA
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): Chairperson Nadia Theuma
    e-mail: tel: 0035621418756
  • Sdruzhenie Mezhdunaroden institut po menidzhmant (Associated partner) - BULGARIA
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): Chairperson of the managing Boar Tzvetalina GENOVA
    e-mail: tel: +359 52 620871
  • Udruga Agencija Lokalne Demokracije (Associated partner) -CROATIA
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): President Umberto Ademollo e-mail: tel: +38552774617;
  • VIDZEMES AUGSTSKOLA (Associated partner) - LATVIA
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): Lecturer, study program manager Agnese Karaseva
    e-mail: tel: 37164207230
  • Fundacio Privada Ficat (Associated partner) - SPAIN
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): Coordinator of European Project Pamela Bellagamba
    e-mail: tel: +34 665 520 030;
  • Medijski edukativni centar (Associated partner) - SERBIA
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): President of the Board of Direct RajcevicMiomir
    e-mail: tel: +38163386285
  • Aventura MarĂ£o Clube (Associated partner) - PORTUGAL
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): President of the Board Alfredo CARVALHO
    e-mail: tel: 00351 255 420 234;
  • Fundacja Tale Euro Est (Associated partner) - POLAND
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): President Pistone Gianfranco
    e-mail: tel:+48606131683;
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): Project Manager Davidovska Ivana
    e-mail: tel: +32483110237
  • Mezinarodni vzdelavaci centrum GEMS (Associated partner) - CZECH REPUBLIC
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): President Alena Jeslinkova
    e-mail: tel: +420 721119209;
  • Association for sustainable development SFERA MACEDONIA - Bito (Associated partner) - FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): President Duli Milcho
    e-mail: tel: 0038971369679;
  • ANTIGONE - Information and Documentation Centre on Racism, Eco (Associated partner) - GREECE
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): Financial manager Pavlina Lazaridou
    e-mail: tel: +302310285688;
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): President Pietro Galluccio
    e-mail: tel: +393381728439
  • LeISA gGmbH (Associated partner) - GERMANY
    Contact Person (and Legal Representative): EVS coordinator Susann Mannel
    e-mail: tel: 0049 341 35520421

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