New project awarded - TA-BOOM

TA-BOOM is a new project under Erasmus + programme in which FOPSIM Malta will participate together with FORME (Italy) and Red Incola (Spain). It will gather 6 youth workers and 36 young people from different social, cultural and migration backgrounds.

One of the main aims of this project is to assist young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Europe in regaining their identity through different non-formal educational strategies (local activities, peer-to-peer training, virtual mobility activity, online education platform, manual for youth workers, booklets on cultural taboos, public events etc.)

Using the art, myth, storytelling, visual and artistic anthropology methods we will explore each cultures’ taboo, as the most hidden, mysterious and often unconscious part of our society. These activities will give the opportunity to open a dialogue and to better understand the ongoing phenomenon about migration issues and policies.

The project will run for 13 months, starting from September 30th 2018.