8 March - University of Malta, Valletta Campus

On Wednesday, 8th March the Foundation for the Promotion of Social Inclusion in Malta (FOPSIM) proudly presented its Rural DEAR Agenda: Education for Development Pilot Projects in Rural Areas.

The RDA project aims to develop, test and promote a participatory model of DEAR (Development education and awareness raising) for rural municipalities. The purpose of this gathering was to raisie public awareness of development issues and promote development education in the European Union.

We were very pleased to welcome a wide spectre of organisations and institutions amongst our guests including the attendance of local government institutions but also EU-level persons present. The Rural Dear Agenda international project partners were also in Malta and attended this event.

We felt deeply honoured to get the support of European Commissioner Mr Alfredo Jalampa and Francesco Debono from MEDE's Department of Curriculum Management who spoke about the involvement of DE action in the curriculum framework. Mr. Debono got immediate feedback that students would like to learn more about the topic and they suggested to increase the visual aspects of the teaching process by using more videos and presentations.

Another guest speakers included Alan Montanaro from Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Malta who is working with SOS Malta on the Rural DEAR Agenda grant pilot project 'Global Sustainability Activity Workshops for Kids'. Part of the project entails drama lessons for kids.

This project is not only implemented in Malta but also in other EU-countries including Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece and Cyprus through a consortium of seven participating universities, chambers of commerce, municipalities and regions. This event also offered our attendees the opportunity to collaborate with an international network on this subject.

Project: Rural DEAR Agenda
Date: 08.03.2017