Women and Girls in Sports News and Media kick off meeting in London

On the 26th of January, partners from 5 countries: Malta, United Kingdom, Greece, Sweden and Romania met for the first time in London for the Women in Sport kick off meeting.

Women in Sport is funded by Erasmus+ Sport programme and will last for 24 months starting 1st of January 2017. The project aims to increase awareness of the issue of insufficient and inappropriate coverage of women’s sport and, to reduce gender stereotyping in media coverage of sport, and increase the quality and quantity of media coverage of women’s sport at a local, regional, national and European level. This will benefit the health and wellbeing of all women and girls, by providing them with positive sporting role models and fostering a culture that sees sport as an accessible and desirable activity for women and girls.

The project is coordinated by Women in Sport from the United Kingdom. Other partners are: European Institute for Local Development (EILD) from Greece, Girls in Sport from Sweden, West University of Timisoara from Romania and Foundation for the Promotion of Social Inclusion in Malta.

During the meeting, partners introduced themselves, presented their understanding of the project including the upcoming tasks and discussed future plans.

Project: NEWMAGS
Date: 27.01.2017